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The 4 main mistakes of digital workplace stakeholder engagement from Digital Workplace Group

I created the concepts and slides for this slideshow in mid 2014 for my colleague Nancy Goebel of the Digital Workplace Group (DWG) to present at the first ever Digital Workplace Summit in North America.

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Ephraim In a Nutshell

My life as a journey
: I find myself constantly seeking the meaning in daily experiences and always in wonder at the mystery of life and the universe. I see life as an opportunity to learn and grow, to expand my awareness of the world around me and to learn to live well. And I like to write some.
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Digital workplaces enabling people: I like to help people do their work well, particularly through use of well thought-out social intranets (a company’s internal website for employees), related tools and internal communications. I like to see technology shaped around people’s needs and built to strengthen organizational culture and community and improve results.
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Business practices for humans: Business is personal and good business takes into account the human nature and well-being of its employees, customers and partners. I have a strong appreciation for management approaches that help companies succeed as they empower and nourish people and communities.
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