Innovative internal communications consulting for the modern workplace.


Full-service internal communications consulting, intranet consulting and enterprise social software consulting in Los Angeles County. Aligned employee experience, delivered.

Imagine your people, work & culture aligned

Today's growing organizations need to connect with employees like never
before by providing rich and resonant internal communications.

Leaders, connected

Authentic stories, purposeful delivery, real conversation

Goals, understood

Audience-centered messaging, practical communications

People, ignited

Trust in leaders, engaging channels, user-friendly content

The problem

Smart organizations know their success rests on their talented people. But support functions like HR, IT, Finance and Facilities often work in silos, focused on their own operations, while leadership messages are inconsistent and miss the mark.

The result: An employee experience that is haphazard and poorly aligned with organizational culture and employer brand.

Diagram - Employer branding formula and internal communications consulting

The need

Innovative, growing organizations need to sail a modern, engaging course. This means applying audience-focused approaches and user experience design techniques to advance internal communications and the digital workplace.

The result: An inspiring employee experience that stands out by driving connection, understanding and performance.

Diagram - Delivering on employee experience via internal communications consulting

Internal communications consulting & intranet consulting

We thrive on partnering with clients to build up vibrant internal communications
programs that continually deliver on the employer brand.

Messaging & delivery

We help executives, HR departments
and other employee-facing teams develop audience-centered messaging and presentation that resonates.

Programs & channels

We implement, optimize and integrate internal communications channels like newsletters, town halls, intranet news and digital social tools. 

Intranets & enterprise social

We manage and deliver user-friendly intranets and enterprise collaboration platforms aligned with business needs and industry good practices.