How to craft a communications plan for your intranet project

Early intranet adoption hinges on your ability to communicate the launch of your intranet. This article explains the key considerations and sequenced steps involved in creating a comprehensive communications plan for your intranet project.

So many problems in large projects come down to issues of communication — a lack of it, not doing it with the right people, not doing it clearly.

There is added communications complexity when doing an intranet project because a large number of people are impacted by the project — often your entire company. These people have a diverse array of jobs, perspectives and competing priorities. So how do you get a broad array of people with too much other stuff on their minds to remember the details of your intranet project, feel involved in the process, and complete their relevant tasks? Good communication. And lots of it.

The following framework for creating an intranet project communications plan can help create a smoother path and ultimately higher adoption and engagement.

– By Ephraim Julius Freed

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