6 trends in healthcare digital workplace strategies

There is no debating it – much of the red-tape content that is managed on healthcare intranets is simply not sexy compared to that published by many other industries. The thought of presenting lengthy and complex policies and procedures, even in new and innovative ways, would put many to sleep.

However, there is an imperative in healthcare to move past this apparent dryness and to figure out ways to communicate effectively with and engage employees.

After all, the stakes are as high as they get – the bottom line is that lives are lost when there are breakdowns in communication in healthcare. So, how is healthcare rising to this challenge?
We’ve identified six trends among healthcare companies’ digital workplace strategies. Hospitals and other organizations throughout the healthcare industry, as well as organizations in many other industries, can benefit from the approaches listed here.

– Co-written by Regan Sonnabend and Ephraim Julius Freed