The 8 definitions of “digital workplace”

While the term itself has been in use for several years now, the idea of the “digital workplace” is still emerging, and will continue to do so for many years. Its use in writing and conversation doesn’t always convey a clear concept. People generally have a vague idea of what it means, but lack a clear and bounded understanding.

As with any idea, it needs to be wrestled with, synthesized, socialized and made relatable. This takes time.

At DWG we’ve explored definitions for a couple of years, but have never alighted upon one that feels 100% “correct”. We haven’t found THE definition.

So, instead of trying to produce one final, universal definition, in this article I’ve listed the main definitions that are useful in providing insight and helping to shape conversations. My ultimate goal in trying to define the term more clearly is to help intranet and digital workplace teams better articulate and advance their goals and strategies.

– By Ephraim Julius Freed

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