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Personal tidbits about Ephraim

  • Always interested in the personal journey of discovery, growth and meaning
  • Married, to a wonderful woman
  • Into playing sports, exercising & appreciating the outdoors (skiing, tennis, soccer, running, hiking, basketball, pool, baseball, football, etc…)
  • Love listening to music
  • Enjoy eating & cooking
  • Slow reader
  • Enjoy writing
  • Appreciate a good deal when shopping
  • Make a fine Old Fashioned and Bloody Mary
  • Flawed, like everyone
  • Always trying to do better…

Pronouncing my name

From what I’ve learned over the years Ephraim is originally an Egyptian name.  It is also a common Hebrew name and is often recognized for it’s place in the Old Testament.  In Hebrew “Ephraim” means “very fruitful.” Lots of babies or something along those lines.

People pronounce “Ephraim” in a range of different ways, some of which I consider “correct” for my name personally.  A lot of people named Ephraim use different pronunciations than the following, which I consider the two proper pronunciations:

Correct, American-sounding pronunciation: “Eff-rye-um

Correct Latin American or Yiddish pronunciation: “Eff-rah-eem

A way to remember my name

I meet a lot of folks unfamiliar with my name who don’t easily remember it. So I suggest this approach:

If you were to ask me “what’s your name and how do you cook your fish?” I would respond by saying “eh-fry-um.”

I’ve found this trick helps people remember my name. It also leads them to associate me with fish & chips, though.