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About Ephraim Freed, principal consultant

An employee experience leader and beach lover in Los Angeles

Ephraim Freed - Principle Internal Communications Consultant

Ephraim is a versatile internal communications leader with a passion for employee experience, a strong drive towards continuous improvement and an eye on the future.

He has a history at innovative, growing organizations of successfully building communications programs that align business needs with empathetic, audience-focused strategies.

He helps executives and teams tie business goals to communications strategies that drive change, employee engagement, productivity and community.

Learn more about Ephraim on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Pronouncing "Ephraim"

You don't meet peopled named "Ephraim" every day, and it's even less likely you'll feel comfortable pronouncing the name when you do meet the owner of this moniker. So we've provided a simple pronunciation guide.

Ephraim is originally an Egyptian name.  It is also a common Hebrew name and is often recognized for it's place in the Old Testament.  In Hebrew "Ephraim" means "very fruitful."

People pronounce "Ephraim" in a range of different ways, and people named Ephraim use different pronunciations.

 We consider these the two proper pronunciations:

  • Correct, Americanized pronunciation: "Eff-rye-um"
  • Correct Latin American  pronunciation: "Eff-rah-eem"

A way to remember Ephraim's name

If you were to ask Ephraim "what's your name and how do you cook your fish?" he would respond by saying "eh-fry-um."

This trick helps people remember the name. It also leads them to associate Ephraim with fish & chips (which, obviously, is great).