How The Big Lebowski helped me complete my first half marathon

An excruciating ecstasy I can’t describe. That’s how I experienced the final mile of my first half marathon. Besides spurting chocolate GU on my face and my hands at mile seven and stopping for a minute to clean myself off with two cups of water, and besides seeing the majestic Mount Rainier rising before me … Read more

Don’t “get social,” get people-centric

Within the shell of a nut: “Social” software simply brings people to the forefront and better fits with how real people work together. A business that succeeds with social software is simply one that puts people first. “Social business” is just good people-centric business, but the term misses the deeper shift in business. “Social” just … Read more

Collaboration 1.0 at the heart of Enterprise 2.0 success

In a nutshell: Collaboration is about people working together. Without good people processes your collaborative efforts can’t succeed, no matter what technology you’re using. If you want success in collaboration & innovation, build the culture and processes to achieve it while you implement Enterprise 2.0 tools.

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Story: Government escapes degrading relationship with business, becomes accountable to citizens

I’ll be honest: I don’t pay attention to politics anymore. It’s not that I don’t care about our country, our world, our safety, our future, our communities. I do care, tremendously. But I’ve reached a point of deep understanding that leaves me, not jaded so much, as honest. Now that I see the underlying patterns … Read more

Guide for intranet users: How to make a page findable

On an open, social intranet employees empowered to publish need to know how to make a page that is easy to find using the site’s search engine. No matter how good your search engine is, it won’t magically bring up un-clearly named, un-tagged and poorly written content.  So on an intranet with an open publishing … Read more

A simple definition of “social media”

Definition “Social media” means websites that allow average users to create content and interact with each other around the content. Dissecting the words “social” and “media” “Social” means people interacting with each other. “Media” (plural for “medium”) means the types of material used to create artwork and communicate information or ideas.  Media can include video, … Read more