‘Social collaboration’ – a phrase of mass confusion

The strange term “social collaboration” is becoming a little too popular and I feel duty-bound as a member of the local “language police” to break down the phrase. I hear the term bandied about by marketers, bloggers, even savvy intranet managers with no concern for what it really means. And it doesn’t really mean anything at … Read more

Clay Shirky was wrong

It is about information overload. The problem isn’t information overload. It’s filter failure. -Clay Shirky Metaphor: The oil filter in my car can fail because it’s there. It already exists, has a clear purpose and known way of operating. But the “filter failure” Clay Shirky refers to isn’t the same. We’ve developed information overload over … Read more

How The Big Lebowski helped me complete my first half marathon

An excruciating ecstasy I can’t describe. That’s how I experienced the final mile of my first half marathon. Besides spurting chocolate GU on my face and my hands at mile seven and stopping for a minute to clean myself off with two cups of water, and besides seeing the majestic Mount Rainier rising before me … Read more

Story: Government escapes degrading relationship with business, becomes accountable to citizens

I’ll be honest: I don’t pay attention to politics anymore. It’s not that I don’t care about our country, our world, our safety, our future, our communities. I do care, tremendously. But I’ve reached a point of deep understanding that leaves me, not jaded so much, as honest. Now that I see the underlying patterns … Read more

Ode to the Sweet, and the Fat

I can’t believe what springs from These simple raw materials. The beauty, the new shape and form, Forged in the heat, Emerging from the fire a fresh, foreign incarnation. Such simple pieces that Come together perfectly. A thousand grains, tiny, shining crystals each. Enveloped in the Rich, soft, creamy smoothness. Shades of white, yellow, brown … Read more