15 Steps from an Internal Communications Request to a Strategic Change Plan

Diagram - Internal communications requests to change management plans EphraimJF

In a nutshell: At their best Internal Communications Managers are strategic change management partners. By helping leaders and teams process internal communications requests based on audiences and outcomes we can shift from a “send the message now” mentality to achieving actual change. Here’s how… Half-baked internal communications requests As Internal Communications Managers we regularly receive internal … Read more

The employer brand formula

Diagram - Employer branding formula and internal communications consulting

Your brand is the perception that lives in the hearts and minds of your customers/audiences. It is the cumulative experience of your promises and how well you live up to them. Organizations must ask: Do we know what our employer brand is? Is it authentic to us? How do we align every employee experience with that brand?

14 competencies for an employee experience (EX) digital strike force

Employee digital experience strike force competencies

Improving the digital experiences of employees starts with a rabid obsession with user experience design. From there, teams need a range of skills to deliver digital solutions. Some would call this from-the-start focus on user experience “design thinking”. That’s cool. But no matter what, obsessing over the overall employee experience is what leads to the big, transformational value.